We Made It!

So, a lot has happened, but here's a quick recap:

I got on a United plane at 3:30 local time at MSP. I landed at LAX around 5:10 local time. After landing at LAX, I had until 8:30 for the Asiana Airlines desk to open so I'd be able to recheck in and be reissued a boarding pass.

So I went into the gates/eating area with my old boarding pass (basically I just couldn't get on a plane with my old one) and got some Panda Express. Up until now all I had eaten was some watermelon so I knew I had to eat something. I bought my Panda Express and sat down near an outlet (yes, some how at LAX I got a table near an outlet), and as I was sitting there this sense of loneliness just over took me and I started crying into my Panda Express. It felt like Cady Herron when she was in the bathroom eating lunch by herself in the bathroom.

After that experience in the cafeteria, it was close enough to 8:30, that I went back out the gates and got in line to check in. While I was inline, I met up with other Fulbrights and just like Cady I found my people.

The group slowly grew and grew as we sat near our gate. Eventually, we all got on and sat on a plane for way too long (it was like 14 hours or something). I mostly slept on the plane, like j slept through dinner, and watched a few movies.

When we landed at Incheon International airport, it was 5 in the morning on Sunday. We filled out more paper work and exchanged/withdrew money. Then we piled all out stuff into two large trucks and got onto buses for a 2-3 hour drive to Goesan.

I sat next to this girl from Colorado College who, after a few days, I can say, or I think I can say, that we're friends! Her name is Annaliese and she's great! We really just clicked... And we also have a friend in common (S/O... U kno who U R)! I've also really connected with a handful of other Korean and Asian Americans. This whole experience, being with people who share interests and are dealing with the same struggles that I am, has already been really formative. I cannot wait for the coming experiences.

Note: I've been busy/tired so some of this information will be posted out of order.... And by that I mean, I wasn't INSTANT friends with Annaliese on the first day.... Stay tuned for more information about what we've actually been doing!


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