Final Countdown

Today was my second to last day in Minnesota. Well, my second to last day in the US.

All my papers have been filed and processed and on Friday I leave for South Korea to teach English for 12 months as an Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA).

Actually saying the words out loud that I am leaving for a while year is surreal.

Today I was lucky enough to be apart of a panel for my the undergraduate researchers at my college.

This feeling isn't new. Every time I start something new I feel this way. It's a mix of scared, nervous, and excited. I felt this way before I left for St. Olaf, Augsburg, and Knoxville. And in each of those cases I ended up finding people and making great memories.

It's funny because all of the panelists agreed that we've all had moments when we've felt under qualified but also all agreed that that feeling comes from a place of privilege because we're always looking up at what others are achieving. For me its similar to the imposter syndrome. I keep feeling like someone will find out I'm not smart/qualified/engaging enough and this whole experience will be pulled out from under me. I know that those are just personal fears and insecurities. I try to keep those at bay and look forward with an open mind.

I don't know what the future holds for me, but I'm expecting and unforgettable year.


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