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I guess, that's it.

Well, my grant year is finished.

I said goodbye to my students.
I prepped my classroom and my students for the next foreign teacher.

And then I left. 

I cried in front of my coteachers, the principal, the vice principal, and my students. I cried on the KTX to Seoul and with Annaliese that weekend. I'm sure I'll cry when I leave and I'll cry when I get home. For now, I have to say more goodbyes.

I've always had a close relationship with the students who clean my room. I wanted to show how thankful I was so I took them to a baseball game. For some of them it was their first time at the stadium.

After the game, many students were riding a different bus than me. So we said goodbye at the bus stop. We were all sad.
I rode the bus with Su Hyeon (grey t-shirt). When I got of the bus, I waved to her as the doors closed and the bus pulled away. And then I cried.
I filled the time between school ending and now with my host family and preparing for Japan. I think my host parents …

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