FEP: Lesson Plan One

In my previous blog post I introduced Fulbright English Program (FEP). FEP is a two week immersion/intensive program for Korean students ranging from elementary to early high school age.

The classes are run by CI's, which stands for either Course Instructor or Class Instructor, who are ETA's who just finished a grant year. The ETA's who are currently in Orientation are asked to teach two lesson plans. Yesterday, July 29th, I taught my first lesson plan on American Slang to students in the intermediate level.

The way this whole FEP/ETA teaching thing works is that two ETA's teach in the afternoon. Each teachs a 45-min class that relates to the theme of day. My day's theme was Spoken Word. At first I thought this meant slam poetry. Yes, Lucy I was prepared to throw down some button poetry... you. already. know. However, my CI went with a more literal understanding of spoken word and worked with the students on speaking expressively. The ETA before me worked on rhyming and I introduced slang words to the students.

I think the biggest take away for me, especially if I get placed with a middle school, is that the students need to be engaged 100% of the time. I knew this intuitively, but to actually be teaching and see that students are uninterested is completely different. All in all it was a positive experience. Here are some comments my students gave me:

"Your class are so interesting but your speak speed is too fast :("

"Next time more the interesting."

"Class (game) is very interesting! I miss you!"

 Oh the joys that young children bring!

After I finished teaching, I wanted to go for run... Good thing it's like 60% humidity and mid-80 degrees around these parts! Nothing takes me back to pre-season workouts like sweating this bad:

This is #AuggieWoSoccer
I was actually a bit sad after my run because there is a boys soccer camp going on right now, so as I ran around the make shift track, they were doing drills. Call me crazy, but I'm starting to miss UNC dribbling and 3-grid. Honestly, give me some 3-grid in my life and I'd be a happy lady. We're trying to get people together to play soccer tomorrow. I'm very excited.


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