It's been a while...

Since I've written on this thing.

Some cool stuff has happened for me.

I'll follow up in the next week with more deets, but here's a preview of what's to come:

- The US Ambassador to Korea came to my school. (WHAT?!)
- I went on a great date in Seoul ;)
- I took a trip to Geoje and Busan.
- I saw BewhY... IRL.
- I went to a soccer game in Korea! (FINALLY!)
- I almost went to Sokcho, but then I didn't and went somewhere else....
- I got a language exchange partner!
- I had a week off of school where I dyed my hair, went to visit my friend's school in the sticks and went to Fall Conference.
- I partook in "picnic" day with my host brother's homeroom class.
- I went to Busan. (AGAIN!)
- I went to Seoul a time or two, ate at some amazing places, saw my friends' apartments, and (finally) saw Bad Rap!
- I went to a orchestra concert with my 15 y.o. host brother... and I didn't fall asleep!

I know I've skimped on this blog and I know, or I like to think, there are people reading it. I promise I'll update this more frequently... I might only have 9 months left to write on this stupid thing.

In case you forgot what I look like, here's a photo of me after a weekend in Seoul (and 2-3 days of not showering... I know, I don't know how I survived or who I've become):


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