~BACKLOGGED RECAP #3: making poor life choices to see bewhy irl + other life choices I wouldn't normally make

When I came back for my 2nd grant year I told myself I would try to do things I normally wouldn't do. For example, going to Naju on a Thursday night to see BewhY at Dongshin University's school festival when I have school on Friday... Not something I'd normally do.

So, basically school ends at 4:30pm. I run home, change clothes, and run to my bus stop. I take a city bus from Gwangju (Wolgok Apartment bus stop) to Naju. I meet up with Candy and Mat (two renewee ETAs in Naju). We eat dinner and eventually make our way to Dongshin University.

1. There were so many people.

2. Everyone lost their minds.

CJAMM is on first.

Then BewhY.

BewhY @ Dongshin University
After BewhY I had contemplated staying in Naju at Candy's apartment, but I really like staying in my own bed. So I took a taxi home... and it cost me about 25usd, but sleeping in my bed? Priceless.

That weekend, my friends Matt (notice the double T because Mat and Matt are different people) and Mike came to Gwangju for a quick weekend trip. We ate in Gwangju and hung out for a bit before going to Jeonju for a Jeonbuk soccer game. I'm still trying to make it to a Seoul FC game because, as the students tell me, that's the best team in the league.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC in Jeonju

Maybe a week later? There was a national holiday in Korea, 개천절 (Foundation Day? Unclear....), so my friend, Anna and I planned a trip up north. We had wanted to go to Sokcho to hike Seoraksan, but tickets sold out to Sokcho and lodging seemed hard to find so we went to 강릉시 (Gangeung) instead.

We had planned to go hiking, but Anna hurt her foot the day before. It ended up being a great weekend though! John and Esther joined us and there was a coffee festival happening so we drank a lot of coffee and walked around a couple of beaches.

"Take a pic of me for my mom."

Holy whip cream.

"That couple could be us, but we're not trying hard enough."

Anmok (안목해변)
Taking a photo in the countryside to send to my family and friends back home!
Selfie stick FTW.
Our guesthouse owner had a little bird!
Us with our amazing guesthouse owner!

WHEW. There's more to come! I've got about a month and a half of stories to tell you.

~*SPOILER*~ I went hiking!

UP NEXT: ~BACKLOGGED RECAP #4: midterms AKA my wk off + fall conference


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