~BACKLOGGED RECAP #2: Chuseok wknd

For the 2nd installment of BACKLOGGED RECAPs, I'll tell you about how I gained almost 2kgs in 5 days....

Last year I wrote about my Chuseok experience with my host family. You can read about that here.

Now, while I love my host family, I decided to not spend Chuseok with them this year. Instead, I went to Geoje and Busan with 4 other ETAs. Two of them (Matt and Tiffany) are renewees like me and two of them (Chris and Kyle) are first year ETAs.

We decided to go to Geoje so we could lazy around in a pension (basically a rented apartment) and vegg out. And we did basically that for two days. All we did was eat, drink, eat Melonas and play card games. My friend, Matt, is really good at making up his own games. So we all test-played a game he made for his kids that is based on Settlers of Catan. The one time we left our pension for sight-seeing was to go to Windy Hill.... Basically a wind mill and place to take nice photos.

Our last day together was in Busan. We stayed in Haeundae at the Popcorn Hostel. And while the room was clean, I would not recommend staying there. We did not have great service. We ate at the Fuzzy Navel (do not recommend), got drinks at the Wolfhound (so-so) and Matt and I played LoL for much longer than we should have.

We're ready to eat, eat, eat.

r u ready 4 our mixtape 2 drop?

veg'd out


  1. Nice photos :) I planned visit Busan too, it seems to be very nice place :)


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