Winter Break 2016 Travel Plans

So here is the grand plan!

Tomorrow my sister, Sloane, comes to Korea.

We'll be in Gwangju for a bit, then Seoul, then we're going to New Zealand! New Zealand is two-fold.
  1. I've always wanted to go.
  2. We're going to see our family friends! (Family friends who we haven't seen in about a decade.)
  3. It's beautiful. Why wouldn't you go?
Okay, so it's more like a three or four fold reasoning.

The point is... Sloane and I are doing a sorta "See the North Island" trip.

We're starting in Wellington. (Which just so you know, you can't always fly straight to Wellington. Sometime you have to fly through Auckland to Wellington.) Then we'll go to Rotorua and end in Auckland. We'll drink some beer, do some hiking, sit in some hot springs, etc. When we're in Auckland we'll see our family friends, the Yasutomis (well, we'll see 4 of the 5 of them!)

Then my sister will fly home to Ah-meh-ree-cah and I'll fly over to Australia for a little fun in the sun with my ETA friend, Sarah. The casual 6 day trip to Australia is really because if I flew home after New Zealand, I'd be landing during the lunar new year, which I have been informed is not a good time to travel in Korea. Also while I'm in Australia, I'll see the 5th Yasutomi!

There are many, ~many~ more details, but I'll share those when they happen/I have time. Maybe I'll post while I'm traveling, or maybe I'll post when I'm back in the ROK and have my head on straight.

In the mean time, take in the fact that in just over 12 hours my sister will be in Korea!


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