Hey, Remember Me?

Hello friends, family, and others!

Greetings from 2016! I guess I have a lot to update you on... At the same time I have nothing to update you on... but here we go:

Really, nothing exciting happened in November. I woke up. I ate breakfast. I went to work. I came home. I exercised. I went to bed and repeated everything the next day. (There you go, Dad and Tracy.)

I've started to let my artsy/craftsy side come out to play and made this tree for Thanksgiving. My second graders then wrote down what they were thankful for. Many of them wrote their families, but some also wrote specifically their mom or dad. It was really touching that they took the lesson somewhat seriously. (I even told the kids they didn't have to be serious. They could write their computer of their cell phone.)

Most of my time is still consumed by this guy:
My host brother and I getting McDonald's together.
I have taught him that you can't go to McDonald's
and only get one thing. You ALWAYS get at least fries
and a drink. ALWAYS.
My friends, Alicia and Becky, came to play in Gwangju! Sarah and I had a great time showing them around and we found this great steak place! After we sat down, the Alicia (the blonde furthest from the camera) was speaking Korean with the waiter. He kept looking at me, but not Becky, to speak up. Finally Becky, who speaks decent Korean, helped solve whatever the miscommunication was. I'm still in this weird place of not being/feeling enough Korean, but looking enough Korean.

In December I did my favorite winter activity! I made snowflakes with my kids! You can see how beautiful it was with all the snowflakes hanging:
Making a snowy scene for a Minnesota girl.
You can see how sad it was after they were torn down a few days later:
They must be averse to snow.
I was so proud of myself for hanging them all up, but now I don't know how to get them down. I asked for a step ladder, to which my co-teacher told me that I'm the first native English teacher who has ever asked for a ladder. I still haven't gotten a ladder, so there's a good chance these snow flakes are up there for good!

I guess, the biggest thing that happened, most of you probably already know, but I dyed my hair blonde.
It took two trips, so I was this color for 5-6 days.
During that time, I got to play soccer with my boys!
Then the final color and I took a trip to Seoul with my friend Alex:

All in all, the last month and a half has been good to me. Maybe a little boring, for me, but it's been good! I'm healthy, happy, and found this gem in downtown Gwangju:

I actually can't make this stuff up.
There must be a Pointer in Gwangju!
(Oh, and I went to a concert! I went to see 리쌍 with my friend Kevin. The same Kevin that I went to Busan with. The whole concert was in Korean so I was a little lost, but he was loving it!)


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