Half Way Marker!

My school ended much later than all my friends, but I can now say that I have officially completed my first semester and winter camp! So it's only appropriate to say:


It was a little hard to be at school while all my friends were off in beautiful places and I was stuck in cold and not-snowy Gwangju. My coteacher told me I didn't have to come to school because in our contract it technically says we can be done teaching on December 23rd. However, because I never read the contract, I didn't know that until she told me so I didn't make any plans. And when she told me, all of my friends who weren't teaching had left the country. So I just went to school, but I'm glad I got more time with my students.

My students leaving school on the last day of school.
After school ended, I went straight into winter camp! On the following Monday, 15 students came to school, wide eyed and bushy tailed (or forced by their parents), where did did some reading, learned some words, and did a couple of projects. The most popular events were making paper mache bowls and decorating cookies. (Note: Do not feed the children. If you feed them, they become more angry and demand more food.) They also loved when I surprised them with pizza on the last day.

My students decorating their cookies.
I was pleasantly surprised that the students really loved these word searches that we did at the last minute. I am definitely doing more of those in the future.

Now that all my teaching responsibilities are done, I'm getting ready for my winter break traveling. Here's a preview: sand, beer, hiking, hot springs. What more can you ask for?


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