~BACKLOGGED RECAP #8 November Things

I wrote about the school festival last year and this year was really similar except I did a performance with my students. I’m going to down play this because I can’t sing so I can’t bring myself to watch the video of us performing.

Here’s how I ended up in the school festival though:

Yoonji and Woojin came to me in October that they’d like to practice English and do English presentations about something. So we were planning out time in the computer lab and choosing groups and what to research… Until Yoonji said she had a great idea… She wanted us (the 3rd grade English conversation class and me) to sing an English song in the school festival.

At first the other students were not into this idea. The majority of my English conversation class is students who are shyer and more studious. So when Yoonjii and I proposed the idea, at first it was...

But after Yoonji said a bunch of stuff in Korean, it was

So we spent 3 days a week practicing Taylor Swift’s “We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together.”

Hmm… How do I put this? I had to sell my soul for this performance because I hate Taylor Swift. I deal with her music because it’s so catchy, but I don’t buy into Taylor Swift as a brand and, by extension, Taylor Swift as a person.

My personal grievances aside, the students had a good time. I am so proud of them. Yoonji (furthest right) is the only one who had performed in the school festival before. The rest of the students.... are very shy and not ones to make themselves vulnerable. I think about how nervous they were and how different this was for them... I'm just very proud of them.

And the rest of school festival was a lot of fun. The other young teachers were a part of the acting performance and did a dance to “TT” by Twice.

Then I turned around and it was Thanksgiving! Which meant the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival was released and the Fulbright Thanksgiving Dinner… which was just what I needed after the election results… time with my favorite girls and free American food.

I went up to Anna’s apartment on Friday night. We got food and drinks in Mangwon before retiring to her place to watch a bit of GG.

We just holed ourselves up in her apartment with some wine and snacks for the first episode. Then slept for 6 or so hours before waking up and binge-ing the rest on Saturday AM with some delivered Mom’s Touch.

Here’s my brief thoughts about GGAYITL (Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.. AKA Gilmore Girls Netflix revival):

  1. It’s Logan’s Baby.
  2. Musical? Too Long.
  3. LDB? Too long.
  4. Wtf happened in the 9 years?
  5. Ranked: Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer

At the end of the day GGAYITL was SO. PALLADINO. The GG are garbage people, so much continuity lacking, most jokes hit… some jokes don’t (READ: fat shaming).

Okay. I’m good now.

So after GGAYITL, Anna and I went to the Fulbright Thanksgiving Dinner at Yongsan. It was about the same as it was last year: decent food, disappointing pie. OH! Except this year they (a government guy who was a guest to the dinner, probs a foreign service officer) bought the whole program beer. So that was fun.

So that was Thanksgiving and November. I still have ~5 hours on my flight, but my battery is dying and I’m running out of writing steam.



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