Clearly I’m bad at keeping this updated, but I want this updated. If not for my very limited readers out there, then for myself. So, right now it’s Jan 31/Feb 1 and I’m flying back to Korea. These next posts will be published quickly one after another. (EDIT: I caught a cold when I got back to Korea, so that’s why it took so long for these to get published.)

Back on Halloween weekend I spent Friday night with Annaliese and the next morning we went to this famous pho place(1)(2) in Yongnam-dong (next to Hongdae). We each got a bowl of pho and split some deep-fried roll things (they seemed like spring rolls? But were deep fried.) Then we went to a coffee shop near by (Tailor Coffee) and drank some expensive lattes.

The pho was 10000000% worth it. The meat was so tender, it practically melted in my mouth. The lattes were expensive and not entirely worth it, but the Kanye-propagranda-esque art on the wall? So. Worth. It.

Then I left Annaliese to meet my friends at the Hongdae CGV for the Bad Rap screening. Considering Bad Rap was their first production, it was good. I think I was disappointed because it was clear that they had expanded a finished product and it followed Dumbfoundead more than Lyricks, Rekstizzy, or Awkwafina. I am biased because I started to get interested in Asian-American/Korean-American artists because of Awkwafina. The actual content, interviews and all, was really good.

Then we got a photo with Lyricks. (And Esther and I lost our cool because we’re not cool and don’t know how to act around people who we think are cool.)

I didn’t do anything exciting that night. Technically it was Halloween night, but I wasn’t planning on staying in Seoul that night and I don’t participate in Halloween activities. So Anna and I got dinner and drinks with some friends in Hongdae. And then the next morning ate pho at a local place around her apartment. Yeah, I eat a lot of pho these days.

UP NEXT: ~BACKLOGGED RECAP #7: Doing things in Jeolla!


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