~BACKLOGGED RECAP #5: picnic day + bday wknd

The weekend after Fall Conference was my birthday weekend!

I had that Friday (Oct. 21) off for "picnic" day. Maybe you remember that "picnic" day is sometimes truly a picnic, but is really just a day of no school and homeroom teachers plan some sort of activity for thsi home room class.

For fall-term picnic day I wanted to spend picnic day with my 3rd graders. Every fall-term picnic day the 3rd grade students go to a park (unclear what park, maybe 5.18?) and they take a class photo.

It ended up not working out, which was really disappointing, so instead I went with my host brother's homeroom. We went to USquare to watch a movie, I watch Inferno (and tbh, left with a lot of questions), and then went to some art gallery in Shinsegae.

It's always nuts seeing my kids in NOT their uniforms. They're so stylish. And some of my kids have some nicceee clothes/phones/shoes. I was in awe at the brands some of them were wearing... meanwhile, I'm over here like "no branddddd 4 lyfeeee."

The next morning I woke up very early and took a bus to Busan for my birthday with my friend Mat.

A few weeks before I asked my friends if they'd want to go to the Busan Fireworks Festival for my birthday. A group of 6 of us ended up in Busan together and while I was really happy to have most of my friends in one place, I was still feeling really homesick and couldn't shake feeling a little sick.

In thinking about the fireworks festival, I sorta wish I'd gone somewhere else with my friends. While I love Busan I don't love fireworks so having to fight with a million or so people to see ~1 hr of fireworks....... not into it.

I don't have much to complain about though. My friends made a trip out to celebrate my birthday. Life is pretty good.

Photos for your enjoyment:

I wanted a cute photo, but this is probably the best Taejun took of me.
Birthday brunch in Busan!

Other exciting news:

My school did a fire drill which involved an actual fire and the fire trucks coming to our school to extinguish the fire. Wild times~~~~

My students helped move this desk to the front of my classroom.
Now I can stand (aka not hunch over while standing to type) when I teach!



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