~BACKLOGGED RECAP #4: midterms AKA my wk off + fall conference

So, a while back (AKA just under 2 months ago), I had a lot of days off for my school's mid-term exams and then Fall Conference right after. Last year I did my Tour de Naju when my students had mid-term exams, but this year I decided some self care was necessary (sleeping and dying my hair) and visiting my friend's school.

I was feeling sick, or the beginnings of sick, leading up to my days off so I knew that I didn't want to stress myself out more with a big trip to anywhere.

Instead, I went to 흥덕 (Heungdeok) to visit my friend's school.The best way to describe Bryan's placement is the sticks. I had to take a bus to Jeongeup (where my friend Alex lived last year and she called that the country) and then take another bus that goes to 고창 (Gochang), but stops along the way, and get off at 흥덕. The trip was surprisingly easy. It boils downt to two bus rides with a bunch of old people.

Bryan met me at the bus terminal in 흥덕 and we walked to his school (about a two block walk). It was a really relaxed day. He had a conversation class, where the kids asked me questions and I could lie 3 times then they had to guess what I was lying about, then we did a radio show during the lunch time (I hope one day to get the video of it), and we topped off the day with a class where they worked on speeches for a contest.

For dinner Bryan took me to this 김치찌개 (kimchi jjigae) place in town. I love kimchi jjigae. Truly, I could eat it forever.

Bryan and I also threw frisbees around for a bit. I'm not good at frisbee, but Bryan enjoys it and some of his kids, but they aren't really kids because they're high school students, came out to throw for a bit.

That following weekend I went to Gyeongju for Fall Conference.

Fall Conference as a renewee is a different experience. You already know what to do and what to expect. Because I knew the general structure I was much more relaxed, but I was missing home so I had this general weird, blue feeling the whole time.

I didn't have many (AKA any responsibilities)... I was to do a booth/table about my travel to Australia/New Zealand and... I'm not really sure I was that helpful.... I felt like I was rambling about my time and spent a lot of time talking about how expensive it was. All I really wanted to do was say, "check out my blog. I wrote a lonnnng post about my travels."

Again, I was in a bit of wierd state. Thinking about my family a lot and missing home.

Here are some pictures:

Me and Bryan's student working on the radio show!

The best part of Fall Conference? Winning the trivia contest!

UP NEXT: ~BACKLOGGED RECAP #5: picnic day + bday wknd


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