Many things: FEP LP2, KLCC, and pizza.

And now I address a myriad of things:

First, I taught my second lesson for FEP! For more on FEP, click here and scroll to the bottom of the post. For more on my first lesson plan, click here.

For my second lesson plan I was with the *advanced* class. My understanding of the placement into this class is that these students did the best on the placement test given at the start of FEP. The *theme of the day* was Fairy Tales. As you can imagine, the boys in my class we're over the moon about fairy tales.

Some of the boys in my class were actually engaged the whole time. As I was teaching I was impressed that a few of the boys could summarize details about Tangled. I can't even summarize all those details in Tangled! In general, my lesson was a positive experience. The lesson was largely a discussion on gender roles/stereotypes in fairy tales. I think my biggest take away is that when leading a discussion I should have all my questions and answers that I'm looking for already written out. I guess I have a whole year to figure this all out!

Next, KLCC... Or Korean Language C-Class. I don't remember what the CC stands for. I think it stands for Korean Language Class Center which is at Korea University which is where our teachers actually teach, but I could be wrong. Can I get a fact check on that?

I must admit, or perhaps you all already know this, but I am not doing awesome at my Korean Language Class. If anyone from my Discrete Mathematical Structures class, you already know this story. For those of you who were not able to experience the third test of that class or my second quiz for KLCC, you are a lucky soul. What happened in my Discrete class was this:

Su, my professor, told us how the third quiz is usually the quiz that students do the worst on. That being said we were told to study extra. I did not study extra on the third Discrete test, so naturally my test grade was 10 points below my tests overall average score, which was already average. If you're keeping up with that math I am now below average on my average test scores. And next to my score read "ouch."

So as I'm sure you can gather, I did not study extra for my KLCC quiz and thus my grade dropped 10 points. This wouldn't be as big of a deal if there were more than 20 points on a quiz. This time, instead of a note on my test, my Korean teacher handed my quiz back, held my hands, looked sorrowfully into my eyes, and said, I'm assuming because she said spoke Korean, "What happened?" I can only compare it to disappointing my parents.

Let's just say I've started attending EVERY office hour for KLCC.

Finally, pizza... My favorite thing. Raindrops on rose and whiskers on kittens are great and all, but pizza is where it's at, EVEN AT JUNGWON!!!! The pizza ranges from about 6 USD to 15 USD (rough estimate because conversions are hard). Today some friends and I got pizza and fried chicken. It was a glorious moment that I hope to relive at least once more while at Jungwon University. I will definitely be eating more chicken. I'm not sure why yet, but Koreans LOVE fried chicken!

Before I go, because it is almost 1AM in Korea, I have to let you all know that tomorrow I will be finding out where I will be teaching for the next year. I AM SO EXCITED! The anticipation for the Placement Ceremony requires all caps. In short, I don't have any specific preferences for where I'm placed, so tomorrow will be interesting! I will post about my placement tomorrow!

Peace and blessings!


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