Last Week in Goesan

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road, time grabs you by the hand and directs you where to go...... Well, maybe not time, but I will be grabbed by the hand tomorrow and directed where to go because tomorrow is departure day!!!!!

But before we talk about departure day, I'll cover a little about what has happened this past week.

We had a lot of workshops, as per usual, so the only thing really worth covering is the talent show.

Leading up to the talent show people asked why I wasn't doing an act. I responded each time that I have no talents. People thought I was kidding, but after the everyone's acts I can verify that I really do not have any talents.

I laughed so hard and also cried more than I wanted to. My emotions aside I was blown away with everyone's acts. There was dancing, acting, singing.... I am just so impressed by all the hidden talents my friends have.

And after skipping over all the workshops, that brings us to tomorrow. Departure day is exactly what it sounds like. We are all departing to our placements. Which leads me to my really exciting news!

I know some information about my home stay family!!!!

It's a two parent household with three boys. The boys are basically pre-teen age: two  in middle school and one in high school. The only other information I have is that my home stay parents are office workers and their house is about a 10 minute car ride from my school. A renewing ETA, also in Gwangju, helped me look up my home stay family's house and even though I'm on the outskirts of town, I am maybe really close to my friend Sarah.

All in all today has been a good day, and orientation has been good for me, but I'm ready to move on.

It's time to go to Gwangju!


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