Family In Korea & Busan Pt. 2

May was a crazy month in Korea (and when you're a teacher at my school).

End of April/beginning of May was mid-term exams. Beginning of May was Sports Day.

(Then I did an Instagram take over for @FulbrightKorea)

After Sports Day I headed to Seoul to meet my mom and sister! TBH, I did A LOT with my mom and sister in Seoul, Gwangju, and Busan. So instead of describing it all I'm going to list/link (appropriately).

Sorry, you'll have to deal with my crappy photos.


  • War Memorial of Korea

  • Fulbright Building
    • We went to a Fulbright Forum ("Monolithic Misrepresentation: The Political Resocialization of Early Adult North Korean Defectors").
    • Sydney fell asleep.
  • Hongdae
  • Itaewon
    • We didn't actually go up the tower. We just hiked the "mountain."
  • Gangnam
  • Myeongdong


  • My host dad took my mom and sister to...
    • Gwangju Democracy Plaza
    • Gwangju World Cup Stadium
  • Jeonggwang Middle School --> MY SCHOOL!


    We went to Shinsegae... Or Italy? Who really knows...
    Then Alicia left, but Annaliese came!
    Less than 5 minutes after this photo, the honey combs fell off all of our ice cream :(
    Haeundae Beach... Where you can always find at least one busker singing Wonderwall.
    Staged photo fun in a Busan subway station.
    Brunch @ Caffe Primo
    I'll always take your picture for you!
    After my mom and my sister left, I spent one more night in Busan with my friends (Alicia, Alex and then Annaliese)!

    Some of you might know that I have pretty bad anxiety when it comes to traveling. My friends Annaliese and Alex are much more relaxed. We made ticket reservations for 4:30pm bus from Busan to Gwangju. We figured it would take us about 30 minutes to get to the bus terminal,

    However, we forgot we put our bags in a locker in a near by subway station.

    We get in a taxi at 3:45pm. Alex tells the taxi driver that we have tickets for a bus at 4:15. To which he says, (in Korean), "it'll be close."

    We pull up near the bus terminal, on the opposite side of an intersection/across the street from a department store, bus terminal not in sight. The taxi driver points outside his window and says, "it's that way."

    We run across the intersection, hoping we don't get hit. Accidentally run into the department store, leave the department store, run to the bus terminal, I get our tickets at 4:26pm. I meet Alex and Annaliese on the bus at 4:28pm. Some how, by the glory of Korean taxi drivers, we made it.

    I didn't realize it at the time, but rushing and running through Sydney International was really just preparation for this moment.


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